If you’re desperate for occupation and find yourself stuck at home, you don’t need to venture far to find pastimes that may interest you. Read on if you’re interested in wholesome options to kill your boredom.



If you have a penchant for scenic views and long commutes, travelling may be your calling. Booking a seat on a train to a far away place with a backpack and enough cash to buy you a room for the night can be the perfect adventure – solo travelling has, as of late, gained much popularity. It helps relieve stress and promotes mental health and independence. Also, if you want an excuse to get away from the noisy kids or the bickering in-laws, this is your chance.


Engaging in activities that produce an end result is always rewarding – if you want to give yourself purpose, enrol in a cooking class singapore of your choice, at an institute that suits your needs and reward yourself with food at the end of your endeavours. Classes will ensure that you have a goal to accomplish, which may prove to be more rewarding than making dishes at home. You will also learn technical aspects of the area and improve your skill in the culinary arts. There are numerous online as well as physical places to help you out with finding a fix, if you are interested.



If you’re passionate about art and would like to enhance your knowledge on it, you can apply for art classes at any recreational centre, many of which are easily accessible. It has been proven that painting, pottery and sketching reduces stress and calms nerves. Further, it’s a great way to bring colour into your life and gives you a hobby to focus on.


It is something people despise usually, but exercise is a great way to occupy yourself. This does not only mean the “traditional” methods of running and cycling; it involves various other avenues that you can pursue. If you’re a person who likes to keep calm, yoga may be a productive way for you to exercise your body and your brain; if you’re someone who appreciates the rigor in exercise, taking a dance class or Zumba class is something you can do; if you are intrigued by the mechanics of the body and the discipline of it, taking up Karate or Jiu-Jitsu may be something you would want to consider. Whatever method you want to choose, exercise goes a long way in keeping you occupied and also performs the additional task of keeping you healthy.


There are many ways out there for you to seek stimulation outside of home. As long as you choose what suits your needs, capabilities and strengths, you will be content.