Becoming a landlord comes with responsibility. You might look at this as an opportunity where you get to make the most out of a property you have invested your money in. You are not wrong there. However, when you become a landlord you have to care about more things than just your income. You have to maintain a good relationship with your tenant.

While most of us do not want to create unnecessary troubles with the tenants we have, there are times when the tenants cross the line. There are times when we have to face problems because of the way the tenant is behaving. We have to follow the right solutions when handling such a situation.

Looking at the Contract You Signed with the Tenant

You should first have a look at the contract you signed with the tenant. If the contract was created following a reliable rental agreement template Malaysia provided by a reliable law firm, you know it is legal. Such a contract generally includes the ways in which we have to deal with the tenant. Let us the say the problem is them not paying the monthly fee in time. Then, there should be some kind of solution mentioned in the contract about that. You should follow that without trying to act on your emotions.

Sending an Official Request Demanding an Action from the Tenant

One of the best ways to deal with this situation is to send an official request to the tenant demanding him or her to take the right action. When you are sending this kind of an official request you should get legal help to create one. You have to also make sure to send it via some kind of a method which requires them to sign something to show they accepted it. If you go through the trouble of creating such a legal piece of writing and end up hand delivering it on your own without getting a signature of receipt from them, they can simply say you never sent one. If you have to take further legal actions you are going to need that signature of receipt as proof you have been following the law all along.

Going to the Court

Going to the court should be your last resort. It can definitely solve your problem. However, it will take a long time to do so. It will also make you spend more money for this matter.

Always follow the legal path when solving issues with your tenant. Keep that in mind.