Ever since the smartphone entered the market it has always been a battle between Samsung and Apple and slowly other brands have been added to the mix. However, in terms of global presence, Samsung and Apple dominate the smartphone market. Annually they release a new version and it used to make consumers flock to shops, to be the first to get their hands on the new product. Nowadays though the allure of buying annually has decreased as many now see that the phone isn’t just a luxury product but a need which means that investing properly the right phone takes priority over branding. So consider these things before making an important smartphone purchase.

Avoid locked contracts

If you can’t afford to buy a new phone the alternative option available for you is to get a phone contract where you would pay monthly and by the end you would have covered the cost of the phone. In addition you would be signing up to mobile data plans which can be part of the contract. This can be problematic as it means you can’t get out of your contract if you ever wanted to change your phone and you could be paying more for the phone than just buying it outright. You can just buy a new phone, pay the full amount, and then look for telecom companies that are willing to give you a better deal in terms of monthly mobile data, messages and calls.

Consider what’s best for you

Consumers often overlook features in their current phones because they get more impressed by the flashy new features, which most people won’t use, of the new phones thus the price tag is huge. If the current phone does give you everything that you need but you are looking for one extra thing then you can upgrade to a phone that is less costly. For example if you are an owner of a Samsung S6 you don’t need to jump to Samsung 8 or 9 because those extra features may not be necessary for you. If you want an upgrade you can easily just buy Samsung S7 and you can find it at samsung mobile singapore shop,where there are a variety of models that you could buy.

Wait for the price to drop

When a new phone is out there is a temptation to be the first one to buy it because it is trendy and mostly due to peer pressure. Like most new products, the price of the phone is expensive at the beginning as companies see high demand in the product. The demand doesn’t stay high for too long and eventually prices would drop down and it could drop down further in third party phone shops.


If you are cost conscience then you should take considerable time to look at options available to you. The considerations stated in this article can save you a lot of money and avoid any complicated problems like a locked contract.