If you are planning on getting a baby sitter to look after your kids, you might have to do a background check of the baby sitter as well. When you try to find a nanny for your kids and especially if this is your first time, it could be nerve-wracking. Since you literally have to leave your child in a stranger’s hand. However, you will come across plenty of question like. What should I look for, what are qualification she should possess and what she willexpect? When it comes for choosing a baby sitter, your expectations should be high since you have to consider about the kids safety.  Below are some of the qualities you should look if you are looking for a baby sitter.

They should be reliable

Not all the babysitting Singapore can be reliable. However, you have to find a baby sitter who will respect your time and the job that she has been offered to do. You have to make sure that your baby sitter should show up on the time that you have requested her to come over. If she is a really good baby sitter she should be able to come over early and get instructions about the plan for the day. This way, you can ensure she is a good match to look after your baby.

Look how prepared she is

A experienced and good baby sitter will always come well-prepared. Such as, she will know what kind if games will keep the kid focused and not make a chaos. Or other craft activities to keep the kids busy as well. The baby sitter might go according to the schedule that you have given her, but she should be able to come up with some fun activities to do incase if the child gets bored.

Check for her previous experience.

Not all the baby sitters come experienced. However, you have to make sure that your baby sitter has some sort of experience in looking after the kids. Which means they should have some experience in baby siting their siblings at home or for other families as well or taking a baby sitting course. They also should have certification in First aid and CPR as well in case of an emergency.

Able to take in charge

These baby sitters should also take in charge of the house in case. If the parents had restricted certain snacks or television times, the baby sitter should be able to go according to the plan and the rules and not let them go over theinstructions.

Should be loving and attentive

A good baby sitter should actually offer snacks or food if the kid is hungry and try to console him in case if she/he falls and scrapes his / her leg. This way even the kids will feel comfortable being around the baby sitter. You also need someone who will listen to the kids and interact with them in a gentle way.