All entrepreneurs that own a start up business are expected to encounter some tough challenges for the first few years. The toughest time would be for the first six months to a year. In this article we will be providing a couple of helpful tips on how to help your business survive despite economic crisis and tough competition.


Be a hands on business owner- as a newbie it is very important that you work hard in making sure that you know the ins and outs of the daily operations of your business. It may be difficult or challenging at the beginning but always remember that part of being an entrepreneur for you to be ready to make some sacrifices in order to make sure that things are running smoothly. You can hire a few people to help you out but you should still be the main person in charge of things. It is also your responsibility to make sure that your business provides excellent customer services to all of your clients. Dedicate your time and effort in running the business and you will reap your success in the future.

Be creative- As a business owner part of the expectation is for you to be able to think out of the box or be creative and innovative in terms of providing something new for your clients. Your customers are the lifeline of the business so you must find different ways on how to keep them excited and interested. You must be able to entice new clients as well. If you think that you lack the creativity, don’t worry because you can always assemble a marketing team whose job is to promote the business.


You must prepare a couple of marketing materials that are useful to the business such as brochures, logo, flyers, business cards should be printed out by graphic design company in singapore because it would be helpful in promoting the business and you can easily reach out to all target markets.

Know the ins and outs of your business finances- As a business owner it is important that you are in charge of the finances of your company. Learn how to do the accounting and have a deeper understanding of your income. One of the most common mistakes of some business owners is that they usually combine their personal money with the profit that they are getting from the business. You should open a separate account for your personal and business expenses. Also do not forget to pay yourself a salary to avoid touching on the capital or earnings.