People move, they upsize, upgrade and sometimes down size, during times like this there are things that go ,things that come and things that are left behind, reluctantly. May be its your favourite lamp shade from when you moved into your first apartment or the toys the kidsplayed with when they could not even reach the kitchen sink and you are not ready to give them to good will just yet. For whatever the above reason you have something that cannot find a ‘’home’’ in your house there is always the option of renting out a small storage space to make sure your prized possession doesn’t have to be passed on to somebody or worst yet become ‘’trash’’.

This concept is well received all over the world and in each country, businesses have recognised the demand for it. Cheap storage Singapore, self-storage Melbourne, whatever it may be advertised as: they all serve the same purpose. A practical and economical way to hold on to your belonging that you do not require on an everyday basis. Here are some of the reasons they are here to stay.

Un-restricted access 24/7

With your own key to access your specific unit, storing in or taking out your items will be easy as 1,2,3. Being able to access every day, all year round is great value for money and around the clock access means dropping off and picking up something can be done in between errands and in the middle of the night!

Security on point

The Storage facility is secured under the surveillanceof CCTV and Your personal access code or access card that monitors your date and timing enables you admission into your space.this level of security ensures the safety of your items and your privacy.

Airy and clean space

Did you imagine a dusty, deserted 4*4 area at the mention of ‘’self- storage?  Not only are they hygienic and maintained as per international health and safety standards they are also equipped with a Loading bay, hydraulic platform & ramp and the necessary infrastructure that is required accompanied by easy access points to make this a convenient experience for you.

Great value for money

Many are reluctant to explore the idea as it as a dedicated storage stage is considered a  novelty and people are naturally afraid and intimidated by what they do not know ,and what they really reallydo not know is that self-storing does mean setting aside a chunk of money. On the contrary it is a great way of curtailing any future expenditure that you might have to occur if you did not have a place to put away the stuff you need for a later day.