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Misconception and Facts about Exact Keyword Match Domain Names

False information can ruin your chances of success as a new blogger. There’s tons of it online and most of it is about Google. When Google makes updates to improve search results it can cause a lot of confusion. The exact match domain penalty is a perfect example of this.click here to learn more about exact match domain penalty.

There’s a lot of misconceptions about this, it’s time to clear them up.

What is an exact match domain?

Proper keyword research is the foundation to a successful blog. Keywords with lots of searches and little competition will help you get traffic from search engines easier.

Let’s say your keyword is “RC cars.” An exact match domain for this keyword would be RCcars.com. It doesn’t have to strictly be a dot com. You can use dot org, dot net, or any of the others.

Unfortunately some keywords don’t make grammatical sense. Keywords like “RC cars buy” are often some the most searched terms. You might think buying an exact match domain in this case would be silly but people do it. Some of them even have great results.learn more about keyword ranking at http://www.mediafreshpress.com/rankings-and-keywords/

The exact match domain penalty

A couple years ago it took very little effort to get on the first page of Google, as long as you had an EMD (Exact match Domain). Naturally, spammy marketers noticed this and started taking advantage of it.

The process was simple.

  1. Find a keyword with lots of searches
  2. Buy the exact match domain name
  3. Slap-up content (usually spun or low quality)
  4. Watch the traffic roll in

It didn’t take Google long to realize they had a flaw in the algorithm. Once they did, they started penalizing sites that used this tactic. This is how the penalty was born. If you do not have the required knowledge about keyword research, keyword grouping, google algorithm updates etc, you should buy the services of SEO experts, there are many web design companies in Ireland, who are always willing to help there customer and if you are not from Ireland you can search for “SEO companies near me” and you will find a large number of SEO companies in your area.

“Should I Use an Exact Match Domain?”

Think about what an EMD really is. It’s nothing more than a URL with your keyword in it. Just like when you make a page or post, except better.

If you think having a keyword in your title is good SEO, try having it in the actual domain name. It’s a much stronger indicator of what your site is about.

Look, using a keyword in your domain is just smart. When I started blogging I had a few blogs that ranked #1 for some tough keywords thanks to the domain name.

Here’s the thing though,you can’t just expect the domain name to do all the work. You still have to work hard to create a valuable resource for your readers. As long as you do that you’ll always be fine.


Google doesn’t automatically penalize a blog just because it uses a keyword in the domain name.If you find a good keyword and the domain is available, use it. Just don’t expect the ranking’s to be handed to you.

*But* if you create good content, acquire good contextual backlinks and properly optimize your site you can crush the competition with an exact match domain.

Don’t listen to these clowns that tell you there’s a penalty. There is no penalty as long as you provide value for your readers. That is true for every update Google does, not just the EMD update.

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