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Simple Web Design Galway Mistakes

Whether you are a small micro business, or a larger organization, it is more important than ever to make use of professionals like Galway Web Design to design and develop your website. A bad user experience onsite is all it takes to lose a loyal customer.

A badly thought through and designed website is not the place to showcase your precious brand. Certainly not now, when consumers are flocking to websites designs to make their purchases online.

We’ll take a look at some common website design mistakes:


The look and feel of your site must reflect the image and personality of the brand that users know and love. User experience on site should match perceptions and experiences in real life. Brands should not feel schizophrenic. read more about user experience by clicking here.


Customers go to a website for a particular reason, whether to search for information, request a contact, enter a promotion or purchase a product, lets suppose you want to search for information about “Web Design Galway”  you enter the query in search box and hit search all the sites that have done some good SEO and use the term Web Design Galway in there article will come on the top of the search.

Make sure that you understand the target market and design the site with their needs in mind.


No website should be an afterthought. Updating copy and visual content should be a conscious strategy. Copy should be relevant to your audience and should answer any questions that the user is searching for.


Go onto any messy or disorganized site and see how frustrating it is. There should be a logical flow to any website that saves the user time and makes interaction easy. Design experts Web Designers in your area can assist you to plan your site professionally.

Simple Website Design Mistakes


If you have a large budget for site development that’s great. But resist the urge to add too many bells and whistles to your site. These will slow down your site and annoy users, who are usually there for a specific reason.


This is a cardinal sin. People online are fickle. Research shows that over 40% of visitors will click out if your site does not load fast enough. By that we mean roughly 3 seconds flat. Cut down on large files, too many images and excessive code if you have more about slow website loading at


Nothing says cheap and nasty like the use of stock photos. You know, the ones you could swear that you have seen somewhere before. If you value your brand, then it’s worth allocating resources to a good photographer.


Simple is great. Why make it difficult for users to find what they want? You are not impressing anyone by trying to prove your creativity. So do not lose sight of the purpose, which is to give your user a seamless and pleasant experience. Write good contents, as content is the key to success read more about how to create contents at


User come to your site to interact with the brand. They want a relationship and have taken the trouble to visit your site. Make sure that there are links to your social media platforms, where users can comment, complain and interact with your company and with other users.


Users will click out if constantly pursued on site by sales or promotional banners and messages. There’s a time and place for this and you need to give users the option to click through to any opportunity, rather than force it on them.


How frustrating is it when you want to complain or require a quick answer from a company and the contact information is nowhere to be found? Or there is only an e-mail facility that gets answered a week later. Clear contact details that lead to speedy and efficient answers is a prerequisite here.

These are just some of many basic mistakes that are made in website design.

They are caused by unprofessional planning at the beginning of the process of development. It is more than worth investing in using experts web designers rather than using cheap web designers, cheap web designer usually heart your business online presence.

Website Designers will assist in the planning, design and development of your website, as well as the ongoing maintenance required to ensure an exceptional user experience and ongoing user traffic.

What I Learned From 30 Small Businesses

Goldfish in a bowl

Recently I was asked to write a post about small business who are doing unusual social media campaigns.  The campaigns didn’t need to be successful, they just needed to be different.  When I got the assignment I thought “hey, this is going to be easy


In fact, it was one of the hardest posts I’ve ever had to write. It took me more than 30 hours over three days. Everywhere I looked I could find unusual campaigns being executed by big brands.

We all know about the stuff Red Bull is doing. And we all remember the the ads that ran during the super Bowl power outage. But we don’t see stuff like that from small more about 7 hacks for lazy blogger at

A post on this topic should’ve been a breeze to write. There’s supposed to be unusual and amazing campaigns all over the social media landscape but there’s not.

  • Where are the local burger joints at in all this?
  • Where is the local handyman?
  • Nowhere! They don’t exist!

Small businesses have a unique opportunity with social media to stand out from their competition AND on the same stage as big corporations. But they don’t do it.

The problem is that most small business owners don’t see the pay off. They don’t see the benefits because there isn’t an immediate return on their investment. When you’re running a small business you want to see efforts pay off quickly so you know what to do next.

This is why so many small business owners like using PPC(paid ads). With PPC, it’s very easy to see what your efforts are doing for you.  Most places(like Google) even give you a ‘handy-dandy’ dashboard to make it even easier for you to more about PPC by clicking here

Social media doesn’t work this way. You can’t just look at ‘the numbers’ at the end of the day to see if you’re moving in the right direction. Social media is a long-game and small business owners still aren’t ready to accept that.

Gary Vaynerchuk says any business that’s not effectively using social media will be gone in the next few years. And he’s right but there’s one big problem with that. That was about two years ago. It’s time to get busy guys.

The upside

There are far less people actually trying to be effective on social media than you think. As troubling as it is, this leaves a lot of room for those who are willing put in the time. Anyone who goes out there and really tries, is going to see some success.

The average person is at home, or at work just scrolling through an endless stream of worthless content. They are waiting for you to grab their attention.

What I learned…

Remember, I was looking for unusual campaigns – not successful campaigns.  All I had to do was find people that were doing things a little differently than their competition.If the campaign was a flop, it didn’t matter.

Of the 30 campaigns I found, only one that could be considered a failure. That means you’d have to try harder to fail than to be successful. They key is is that you have to try.

I know we’re talking about small businesses and you might not feel like that relates to you if you’re a blogger. But you’re wrong. Your blog is your business and unless you’re bringing in millions in profit then its a small business.

Look around.

How many bloggers are actually doing something different on social media?

Most of them are doing the same thing as the next guy. They all talk about providing value and engaging with your audience over and over. They continue to repeat those safe little phrases that make everyone feel warm and fuzzy inside but no one is trying something different.

I’m challenging you, right now to do something different. Even if it means leaving a comment that’s not so friendly. Everyone leaves comments like “great post” or “thanks, I really enjoyed the read.”

Why Content is the Key to Success Online

finding success online with content

Content is everywhere and your customers are consuming it at a rate higher than ever. If you want to be successful online these days you have to create content. You can read all the books, buy all the courses, and training products you want. You can attend workshops and mastermind groups. You can even map out complex strategies and business plans.

But if you’re not creating content then you are irrelevant online.

You used to be able to put up a couple advertisements, maybe buy a space on somebody’s website, but those days are gone. People avoid advertisements like ebola. Think about it, when is the last time you watched a commercial, or clicked an ad on a website?

That’s right, it’s probably been awhile. And that’s because most advertisements are irrelevant to you or anyone that sees them really. They don’t grab your attention and they definitely don’t hold your attention. Advertising in the traditional sense is dead. We’re living in a world where media is more powerful than marketing.

Want Proof?

Look at some of the most successful websites. (Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc..) What do they all have in common? Content. Everyone says that Facebook’s product is its users. That’s not entirely true. Facebook’s product is the content that the users create. Facebook, like Google, is a media company.

The same is true even for companies like Coca-Cola and Red Bull. A quick look at Coca-Cola’s blog shows how invested they are in more about Coca-Cola’s blog at

coca-cola blog

Red Bull has the “Red Bulletin” (which is also published in print) among tons of other content. Some refer to these two companies as, “media companies who also happen to sell drinks”.

That says a lot about the importance of content.

So…why is content better than advertising?

Well, I hate to sound cliché, but it goes back to the beginning of time. We have always enjoyed telling and listening to stories. So stories are what sell. Even traditional advertisements had to be carried by a story. You wouldn’t just watch commercials all day would you? Of course not. Unless they were highly entertaining. And then it becomes more than a commercial. It has given you some value, so its become a story.

But if it’s not highly entertaining then you don’t want to be bothered with it. It becomes an annoyance. People want their content without all the annoying BS. Which is exactly why regular television and cable are being pushed out.

People love content. We want more of it. We want it in our living rooms, bedrooms and even in our bathrooms. We want it on car rides, walks and….well, everywhere. When you’re creating content (instead of advertising) it allows you to build an audience. But, more than that, it allows you to build a relationship with that audience. That’s just not something you can do with ads or traditional marketing.

Some might argue that’s what clever marketing is all about. To which I’d say, “well isn’t that just content that’s been created with a strategy in mind.” When you really think about it, everything online is content — video, audio, text, images — it’s all content and you can’t have a presence online without it. But it’s not just about creating a bunch of random stuff online.

It has to be relevant to your audience.

Content is just the foundation. It’s the context (and quality of course) that really matters.


You have to know your audience before you can create anything that they will care about. You need to know who they are, where they hang out and of course what they like. When you do, creating content becomes much easier. So how do you figure that out? Well, with content of course. (broken record, right) There is a little research involved too. But you probably already know a little about the audience you want to reach, so start here to lean more about content marketing.

Start with what you know and try to engage them with that. And you have to start in the places they like to hangout online. Engaging with them is going to be important for many reasons.

  1. You can learn more about them.
  2. Establishes trust.
  3. It helps you build your brand

(That’s just a few reasons, there’s a lot more.)

Since you’re most likely going to be engaging your audience in places like social media, forums and other communities, this can also be considered content. In fact this kind of content is some of the best, because it will be valuable and relevant to them. See how it all comes back to the content? And that’s why it’s the key to all success online.

Getting Started

Social media is the best place to start — it’s free, the content is short and can be created quickly, and it allows you to start building awareness. Plus, you can find lots of great ideas that you can turn into blog posts, videos, ebooks or whatever. The important thing that you just get started.

So many people analyze things to death waiting for the ‘perfect plan’. Don’t do that. It’s okay to be methodical but don’t paralyze yourself and lose the opportunity to grow your brand.

Rankings and Keywords

There are multiple factors search engines consider before ranking a site. If you ask ten different bloggers about those factors, you’ll get ten different answers.

This week’s show was all about those various ranking factors. We talked about the survey results Moz publishes every two years, as well as the factors we’ve found to be the most important for our blogs.

If you’re wondering about the best keywords, domains and niches to choose for your blog, this episode is for you!

Join the community on Google+ to be notified before the show starts so you can watch live, ask questions and leave comments.

Fresh + Coffee is hosted by Chris M Cloutier (that’s me!) and Nathaniel Brenes from One More Cup of Coffee.

Exact Match Domains – Penalty or Power?

exact match domain penalty

Misconception and Facts about Exact Keyword Match Domain Names

False information can ruin your chances of success as a new blogger. There’s tons of it online and most of it is about Google. When Google makes updates to improve search results it can cause a lot of confusion. The exact match domain penalty is a perfect example of here to learn more about exact match domain penalty.

There’s a lot of misconceptions about this, it’s time to clear them up.

What is an exact match domain?

Proper keyword research is the foundation to a successful blog. Keywords with lots of searches and little competition will help you get traffic from search engines easier.

Let’s say your keyword is “RC cars.” An exact match domain for this keyword would be It doesn’t have to strictly be a dot com. You can use dot org, dot net, or any of the others.

Unfortunately some keywords don’t make grammatical sense. Keywords like “RC cars buy” are often some the most searched terms. You might think buying an exact match domain in this case would be silly but people do it. Some of them even have great results.learn more about keyword ranking at

The exact match domain penalty

A couple years ago it took very little effort to get on the first page of Google, as long as you had an EMD (Exact match Domain). Naturally, spammy marketers noticed this and started taking advantage of it.

The process was simple.

  1. Find a keyword with lots of searches
  2. Buy the exact match domain name
  3. Slap-up content (usually spun or low quality)
  4. Watch the traffic roll in

It didn’t take Google long to realize they had a flaw in the algorithm. Once they did, they started penalizing sites that used this tactic. This is how the penalty was born. If you do not have the required knowledge about keyword research, keyword grouping, google algorithm updates etc, you should buy the services of SEO experts, there are many web design companies in Ireland, who are always willing to help there customer and if you are not from Ireland you can search for “SEO companies near me” and you will find a large number of SEO companies in your area.

“Should I Use an Exact Match Domain?”

Think about what an EMD really is. It’s nothing more than a URL with your keyword in it. Just like when you make a page or post, except better.

If you think having a keyword in your title is good SEO, try having it in the actual domain name. It’s a much stronger indicator of what your site is about.

Look, using a keyword in your domain is just smart. When I started blogging I had a few blogs that ranked #1 for some tough keywords thanks to the domain name.

Here’s the thing though,you can’t just expect the domain name to do all the work. You still have to work hard to create a valuable resource for your readers. As long as you do that you’ll always be fine.


Google doesn’t automatically penalize a blog just because it uses a keyword in the domain name.If you find a good keyword and the domain is available, use it. Just don’t expect the ranking’s to be handed to you.

*But* if you create good content, acquire good contextual backlinks and properly optimize your site you can crush the competition with an exact match domain.

Don’t listen to these clowns that tell you there’s a penalty. There is no penalty as long as you provide value for your readers. That is true for every update Google does, not just the EMD update.

Got Questions?

Leave them in the comments section below.  I try to answer every question within 24 hours. If you need a faster solution, I recommend checking out this community.  There’s live support 24 hours a day 365 days a year.