Hi! I’m glad you want to know more. That’s me and my son over there. He’s 13 now and me, well, I’m older. I started Media Fresh Press to share my entrepreneurial journey with you. It’s become much more than that now.

It’s a place where you can learn from my mistakes, and the mistakes of others. It’s a home for anyone who wants to build, or take control of, their reputation online.

How it all got started

Before I started working on the web, I was a carpenter. I had a good reputation that grew overtime. I enjoyed the work and meeting new people, but I felt like there was something ‘more’. I’ve always been creative but as I got older I kinda gave up on creative things because they didn’t pay the bills.

Naturally, when I started to hear about blogging and all the things people were doing online, I was curious. I started my first blog and it failed miserably. I was writing about everything under the sun with no real direction.

I took that failure, and many after it, in stride. I learned from them and I grew because of them. Now I help people like you build a successful brand online.

About You

You might not realize it but everything you do, especially online, is part of your reputation. It’s your brand. The whole world is watching you now and what you do can determine the rest of your journey. You have to start looking at the things you post online as content that defines your brand.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for ways to make money from home, trying to attract more attention to your business, or trying to get that new job – everything you do online is valuable content that molds the way people look at you. It’s your brand.

Lots of people don’t know what their brand is, or what it’s going to be. You’re already ahead of them because you know you’re a brand. That’s a major step. Now you have to learn to create content that serves your brand. And that starts with your audience.