Hosting Ireland

Embracing website services has become a necessity in the fast-growing business world. Website hosting is one of the pillars that hold a business in today’s world.  With the rise in the need for website hosting, so many companies are available.  However, the need for website hosting services varies from one business to another and hosting prices varies depending on the services provided by the hosting companies.

Hosting Services

Hosting services can include some or all of the below services:

  • VPS
  • private cloud hosting
  • managed cloud hosting
  • Cpanel
  • mail hosting, etc

Best cloud hosting prices varies depending on the inclusion or exclusion of these services, now a days SSL is one of the factor that can effect your site ranking good hosting companies persuade client to take hosting packages that include SSL other hosting providers will charge you an extra amount for providing SSL services, its always advisable to buy hosting from good hosting providers.

As much as businesses would like to adopt the use of websites hosting services,  affordability remains one of the bigger challenges.  Getting an affordable yet reliable website hosting service can prove to be difficult.

In this blog, you are going to discover some of the web hosting companies that are available in Ireland and how best they can suit your needs in terms of affordability and yet be efficient enough to provide the best outcome like SEO for your website.

You will also take a look at what to consider when selecting a website hosting company without incurring any unnecessary monthly costs.

Affordable Business Website Hosting Ireland

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Affordable Website Hosting Company

The traffic of the website hosting company.

Traffic generally means how many clients can they be able to help and if so how fast are the software?  How long does it take to load and download information? Some examples of website hosting companies that are known in speed include; GoDaddy and Blue host. learn more about Godaddy at


When someone talks about affordability it doesn’t always end at prices but rather at times the quality.  A highly-priced website host doesn’t necessarily justify speed and fast doesn’t necessarily justify reliability. It’s for these reasons that one should focus on what offers what you need most. You can however choose to a lower quality then upgrade later depending on your need and demand at the time

Hosting Plans

It’s good as a client and an individual to have a forehand hosting plan. Get to compare the differences in every angle.  From performance,  reliability,  accessibility and prices. Merge the qualities and come up with what’s most best suitable for your business. Of course at an affordable rate.

High quality that can best work with non-developers. It’s true to say that not all the people in the business world are website developers.  So if you are not one of them,  get choose a website hosting company that can accommodate your needs as a non-developer.

Which website hosting company best showcases your capability and ensures client retainability and business growth. This is one key factor to consider too. After all, you choose a cloud server providers that can add value to your business.

The quick pick support team is also another major factor to consider while selecting a website hosting company.  How fast can the particular company respond in case of a risen emergency?  The quicker the better and it later saves on a lot of damages which makes it quite affordable.

Choose from the local website hosting companies.  This helps because then it becomes quicker and a lot easier to access web activities you have entrusted the company with.

Examples of Affordable Website Hosting Companies in Ireland

1.  Cliqued Hosting IE

Cliqued Hosting IE main office is located in Dublin, this company operates nearly in all big cities Galwy, Athlone, longford, mullingar etc. It has a team of professionals that hold knowledge and experience of web hosting and domain registration services.  They’re quite affordable too considering the efficiency they come with. In case you need website design, website design dublin ireland can help you so that you can get a solution under one roof.

2.  Pediserve

This website hosting company has been on the market since 2009. It is quite flexible and highly cost-effective.

3.  Hosting Ireland

This type of website hosting company is well known for web hosting and domain name registration.  It’s affordable and guarantees high client satisfaction.


After a lot of research and thought after suggestions,  you can easily settle your mind on which website hosting the company that best suits your business and actually at very affordable rates.

Scratching your head not knowing what to do to come up with the best website hosting company should be a thing of the past.  Get an affordable website hosting company in Ireland today.